Best Android Apps of The Week

Android Market

App List

0. Gravity Home 0:44

1. Retouch 1:27

2. Recipes 2:54

3. Phone Genie 4:07

4. PayPal 5:23

5. 3G Watchdog 6:42

6. Lookout 7:19

7. GTunes Music 8:33

8. Crackle10:50

9. Number Guru 11:36

10. AirPush Detector 12:10

11.Hacker’s Keyboard 12:45


HTC Sensation review — Engadget

A hotly anticipated smartphone with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, a “Super” 4.3-inch screen, and a manufacturer-skinned version of Android 2.3 — we must be talking about the Samsung Galaxy S II, right? Not on this occasion, squire. Today we’re taking a gander at HTC’s Sensation, a handset that’s just begun shipping in Europe under a short-term Vodafone exclusive and which should be making its way to T-Mobile in the USA early next month. By beating its stablemate the EVO 3D and Moto’s Droid X2 to the market, the Sensation becomes the world’s first 4.3-inch smartphone with qHD resolution, while also serving as the debut phone for HTC’s Watch movie streaming service and Sense 3.0 UI customizations. That leaves us with an abundance of newness to review, so what are we waiting for?

HTC Sensation review — Engadget.