Raspberry Pi $25 Dollar PC On A USB Stick! 700MHz ARM11, 128MB RAM, HMDI, USB, Ubuntu!

Game developer David Braben has developed a $25 PC, in a USB stick with a HDMI port on one end and a USB port on the other.  The hardware inside is a 700MHz ARM11 processor with 128MB of RAM, together with 1080p graphics output and Linux operation.

David Braben is a moderately famous game developer from the United Kingdom, and the man behind UK studioFrontier Developments who have released the Rollercoaster Tycoon series, Thrillville, Lost Winds, and Kinectimals.  However, he is probably most well known as the co-developer of Elite.
rasperry pi pcb 580x435 PC on a USB Stick for $25
Operation of the computer is simple, with users simply having to plug a monitor in one end of the USB stick and a keyboard into the other.  Storage is catered for by an SD card slot, and other external modules can also be added.

The software used could be any of a wide range of Linux distributions, although the unit is likely to ship with the popular Ubunto distribution.  This will provide a great deal of functionality for very little money, including web browsing, office applications, and much more.

When you consider the fact that this computer will fit in your pocket, this is a pretty cool innovation.  This $25 PC is going to be distributed through a new charitable foundation called the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and will also be used as way to promote and teach computer science in schools.

The low cost of this machine is also likely to inspire use in developing and undeveloped parts of the world.  Braben says that he hopes distribution will begin within 12 months.